Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Everyone Jump In!

In honor of the second day of summer, I decided to post a pool house I had the pleasure of working with. You are looking at a view of the T.V. area.
And here is a view that the T.V. would see, if it had eyes...

Don't we all wish we had an "informal living room" that nice? A girl can dream, right? Thanks for the opportunity "L" family!

It's Hot on 5th Ave! We need SHADE!

Okay, so my first post was about my love of Aidan Gray. If I didn't have three furniture loving dogs, I would own every single thing on that website! So given that my furniture can't be snow white at this moment in time, I have to settle for the accessories only! Where to start? Lighting and shades of course!

I went off in a search for something similar to their lamps and came up with only one solution. While shopping in, drum roll please, TARGET (can you believe it?) I stumbled across this linen lampshade. Love at first sight! I immediately thought about Aidan Gray and thought the price was just right! Instead of purchasing the nearly $600 lamp from AG, I came up with my own version.

I set off in search for the perfect base. While shopping at a local antique store, I came across the perfect base...but the shade HAD to go! Here was my inspiration....

And here is my own personal version...

Hope you've enjoyed today's tip! I'd love to help you find your own personal shade on 5th ave!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Welcome to Fifth Avenue....

So I've been reading many blogs for months now thinking that I needed to get involved...so here I am! A Georgia peach living in the "Heart of Dixie". I'm a lover of all things fashion, design and beauty, shocker? Design is my passion and I'd love to share with the blog community my design ideas!

So, I will start off with Aidan Gray. Those of you who aren't familiar well, SHAME ON YOU! Find out what it is here.

Happy shopping.